Video Artist, Sound Designers, and Dancers Bios

Video Artist

Kyla Arsadjaja (Video Editor) is a graphic designer living in New York. She has experience in publication, branding, exhibition, motion, and interactive design with clients in the arts and cultural industries. Kyla is interested in exploring discourse within the intersection of dance, writing, technology and graphic design. Recent clients and collaborators include Emily Coates, Gregory Crewdson, DanspaceProject, Vicky Shick, James Welling, and Yale School of Architecture. In 2020, she received an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale School of Art.

Sound Designers

Noel Nichols is a third-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama. Select design credits include ain’t no dead thing, We are Proud to Present a Presentation…, How to Relearn Yourself (Yale Cabaret); Fun Home, In His Hands, Winter’s Tale [canceled-COVID] (Yale School of Drama), Latinos Who Look Like Ricky Martin (Yale Verano Cabaret); Ghost Card (Fullstop Collective); Counting Pebbles (Faultline Ensemble).

Stan Mathabane (they/he) is a sound designer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist pursuing an MFA in Sound Design at the Yale School of Drama (class of 2024).Their recent designs have resounded internationally (The Dublin Theater Festival, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Toronto), Off-Broadway in New York City, and in regional theatres across the Greater New York Area. Stan, a native of North Carolina, came of age in Portland, OR, and now lives in New Haven, CT.

John Sully (Sullivan)  is a NYSCA awarded composer, and sound designer of TEMPORARY DISTORTION and an artist in residency at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, EMPAC Arts Center, PIONEERS GO EAST and a touring member of LA MAMA’s GREAT JONES REPERTORY. On Broadway Sully has assisted Fitz Patton for Harvey Fierstein’s TORCH SONG directed by Moises Kaufman, Steve Martin’s METEOR SHOWER directed by Jerry Zaks and Edward Albee’s THREE TALL WOMEN directed by Joe Mantello.

Daniela Hart is a New York City based sound designer currently pursuing an MFA in Sound Design at the Yale School of Drama. She founded UptownWorks in 2015 and it has grown into a full-service production company specializing in telling stories through media and arts. Daniela enjoys working in a variety of roles from project to project including sound designer, producer, editor, director, and composer

Mike Winch is a first year MFA candidate for sound design in the School of Drama. He has been a sound designer and composer for the past eight years in Washington DC. He has four Helen Hayes nominations and has worked with theatres, music groups and other venues in the DC area. Mike’s background is in Irish fiddle and live sound.

Joe Krempetz is a multi-talented composer and sound designer based in New Haven, Connecticut. In addition to a slew of skills and certifications, Joe holds a Bachelors degree in Theater Technology from the University of California, and a technical certificate in sound from Yale School of Drama. He is very excited to be back at Yale, pursuing an MFA in Sound Design and  composing for dance whenever he gets the chance. 

Evdoxia Ragkou studied musicology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and obtained her first post-graduate degree in the UK, where she earned a Master of Music at the University of Huddersfield (2012). She also has a Master of Arts from the New School of Social Research (NY, 2014). Currently she is a student at Yale School of Drama (MFA), enrolled in the Sound Design department. During her music career she has been member of several experimental music groups in addition to exploring computer music composition and analog synthesis. She has designed shows Off-off Broadway in New York and assisted in off Broadway venues such as Playwrights Horizons and Yale Repertory Theater. Other credits include Ain’t No Dead Thing (Yale Cabaret), A Doll’s House, an Adaptation by Tanika Gupta (Yale Cabaret). 


Adrian Kyle Venzon: Adrian is a sophomore (‘23) in Pierson College majoring in English. He has danced since his freshman year of high school and currently dance with the groups, Movement and CityStep Yale. IG: @adriankylev

Alana Rose

Allie Howard: I am a second year graduate student at Yale Divinity School, intending to graduate with a Master of Divinity in 2022. I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity to explore movement through the medium of Zoom.

Allie Schneider: Allie Schneider is a senior in Saybrook majoring in Cognitive Science and completing certificates in Education Studies and Statistics & Data Science. She is from Atlanta, GA, and a member of A Different Drum Dance Company at Yale. Outside of dance, she leads the Yale branch of Matriculate, a nonprofit providing college application mentorship to low-income, high-achieving high school students. IG: @allie.rose.821

Amina Ross: Amina Ross is an artist and educator currently pursuing their MFA in sculpture at Yale School of Art (May ‘21). Amina makes videos, sounds, situations, and sculptures that consider feeling, body-knowledge, and intimacy as technologies of survival. IG: @aminaontheinternet

Anna Tender: Junior in Hopper College studying Statistics & Data Science and Philosophy. Board member of A Different Drum Dance Company. IG: @zootiboi

Andrew Streit: Andrew is from Rochester, NY, and he is currently in the fourth year of my PhD studies in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. His research focuses on organic chemistry methodology.

Annie Zhao: Annie Zhao is a junior in Davenport College majoring in Economics and Math. She is a member of the Yale Undergraduate Ballet Company and Groove Dance Company. While trained in ballet and contemporary dance, Annie enjoys exploring different styles of dance and choreography as well. IG: @aszhao07

Aranza Rodriguez: Aranza is in Morse College and will graduate in 2024. She currently lives in Houston, but she is originally from Mexico! IG: @aranza_r0driguez

Arman Avesta: Arman is a resident physician at Yale School of Medicine studying diagnostic radiology, a PhD student at Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences studying artificial intelligence, and a ballroom dancer competing in silver syllabus for Yale Ballroom Dance Team.

Clara Causa

Dora Guo: Dora is in Pierson College (2023) and is majoring in Ethnicity, Race, & Migration Studies.

Eddie Abraham-Macht: My name is Edie, and I’m a junior in Branford College (Class of 2022) majoring in American Studies with a concentration in Education Studies. I’ve been dancing since I was six, and on campus, I’m an executive board member and choreographer for Danceworks. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to create and find community through Transpositions! IG:

Fiona Benson: Fiona is a Junior, American Studies major in Saybrook College. Hailing from NYC, on-campus she is the Assistant Musical Director of The New Blue and the Co-President of Taps at Yale. She is thrilled to be a part of this project! IG: @fbensonn

Gabrielle Niederhoffer: Gabrielle (Pierson ‘23) is a dancer and choreographs for musicals, operas, and dance groups across campus. During her gap year, she is working as Festival Manager for Battery Dance Festival and as Yale Dance Studies Assistant. With the support of the Schwarzman Center, Gabrielle is creating a festival focused on vernacular dance. IG: @gabrielle.niederhoffer

Grace Blaxill: Grace will be a junior next year in Pierson College and majors in Classics and English. She is the Co-Captain of the Yale Ballroom Dance Team, and secretly loves hanging out with her teammates just as much as dancing.

Haven Herrin: Haven is pursuing a joint degree between the School of Management and the Divinity School, with a concentration at the Institute of Sacred Music.

Helen Zhao: Helen is a senior in Morse College from Rockville, Maryland. She’s double majoring in Philosophy and Ethics, Politics, & Economics, but has also enjoyed dabbling in theater and creative writing.

Hyeree Ro: Hyeree is a student in the School of Art majoring in Sculpture. IG: @hyereemro

Iman Jaroudi: Iman is in Trumbull College (2022) and is majoring in Political Science and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies.

Isabella Zou: Isa is a rising junior in TD (‘22+1) majoring in Ethnicity, Race and Migration. She studied ballet at Ballet Austin before coming to Yale, and now dances with A Different Drum Dance Company and Danceworks. IG: @pielovereternal

Itai Almor: SY ‘20 Computing & the Arts (visual art) - A joyful mover-thinker. IG: @itai.pie

Jeenho Seo: Yale school of art, sculpture graduate student. Born in 1989, Namwon, South Korea. Multi-medium artist who makes sculptures, photography, and videos. I try to express my feeling that is created by trying to fit in the community. IG: @jeenho.seo

Joan Agoh: Joan is in Davenport College’ (21), majoring in Ethnicity, Race and Migration Studies. IG: @joan.chika

Kai-Lan Olson: Kai-Lan graduated in May 2020 with a B.S. in neuroscience and is now working in Boston, MA in the life sciences industry. When not dancing, she can be found rearranging her bedroom furniture to make room for dancing, playing the harp, or knitting. IG: @kl_olson

Kate Kushner: Kate is a senior in Pauli Murray College majoring in Political Science. She is a member of MonstRAASity, Yale’s raas and garba dance team, and a site coordinator for Yale’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance clinic.

Katie Byrne: Saybrook; 2023; Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology; I had an amazing time helping to create this piece. I hope everyone enjoys it! IG: @katiebyrne_photos

Karen Jiang

Kendra Libby: Kendra is a member of the Yale Ballroom Dance Team. She is a Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics Major from Saybrook College. Originally a member of the class of ‘21, Kendra took a leave of absence and is now a part of the class of ‘22.

Laila Booker

Laura Wayland: I am a senior in Pauli Murray studying Mechanical Engineering. My dance background is primarily in Irish dance, but I have loved being able to grow as a dancer and tapper over the last 4 years with Taps at Yale! IG: @laurawayland

Lexa Pulido Rodriguez: Lexa is in Trumbull College (2024) and is majoring in Ethnicity, Race and Migration Studies. IG: @lexapulido

Mackenzie Coden: Mackenzie is a first year PhD student in the Immunobiology department. She has been tap dancing for over 20 years and is excited to have had the opportunity to interact with the Yale dance community in a new, virtual format.

Madelyn Blaney: Madelyn is a senior in BK, and is majoring in English, with a concentration in creative writing. She is from New Jersey. Madelyn also serves as a student coordinator for the Yale Dance Lab.

Maile Harris: Maile Harris is a junior in Pierson majoring in Applied Physics. When she isn’t working in a radio astronomy research lab, you can find her ballroom dancing, or in a tree.

Makayla LaRonde-King: Makayla is a senior in Benjamin Franklin College studying political science and human rights. IG: @makkdaddi

Mari Chiles: Mari Chiles is in the class of 2021 and in Jonathan Edwards College. She is majoring in the History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. One of her favorite parts of undergrad has been participating in Yale’s contemporary African dance group, Dzana. IG: @marimekhi

Mariel Pettee: Mariel Pettee is a performing artist and 6th-year PhD candidate in Physics researching the Higgs boson particle at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Since 2017, she has led independent art-research teams developing new methods for generating choreography with AI.

Matt Spero: Matt is a senior in Morse College majoring in Biomedical Engineering (BS/MS.) IG: @_matt_spero_

Max Heimowitz: Max Heimowitz is a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College and is an all-but-declared French major! He’s been tap dancing since he was five years old with his twin brother Sam, and he serves as the communications chair of the Hillel Student Board and the treasurer for Taps at Yale.

Namra Zulfiqar: Benjamin Franklin College ‘21 , Political Science with a Concentration in Global Human Rights Crises, Originally From New York City. IG: @namra.zulfiqar

Naomi Gitelman

Nora Massie: Nora Massie (she/her) is a member of the Class of 2022, double majoring in English and Environmental Studies. When not dancing, Nora is either doing political organizing work, reading novels or poetry, or listening to Harry Styles. IG: @noramassie

Quentin Bertrand: I’m a freshman in Trumbull College studying chemistry and economics.

Samara Angel: Samara is in Saybrook College Class of 2022 and is majoring in history with a concentration in social movements and change. On campus, she loves dancing with A Different Drum Dance Company, backpacking with Yale’s First-Year Outdoor Orientation Program, and working to fight for menstrual equity with Period@Yale. IG: @sammyyy__rose

Sam Heimowitz: Sam Heimowitz (Branford ‘23) has been tap dancing for 16 years and is the proud social media chair of Taps at Yale. He choreographs for Steppin’ Out, volunteers with CityStep, writes for Symposia and Accent, two campus publications, designs for China Hands magazine, teaches tap at his home studio in DC, and works as a Branford Aide. He is an avid East Asian Studies major, studying all things China and Chinese.

Sebastian Quaade: Sebastian is a senior in Pierson majoring in economics and mathematics. He is a member of Dzana and Sabrosura.

Sebastian Tsai: Sebastian is a junior in Jonathan Edwards College studying physics and math. He is a member of MonstRAASity, Yale’s raas and garba dance team, along with various organizations on campus from math society and scientific publications to helping promote mental health among students.

Sophia DeVito: Sophia is a junior in Trumbull college majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is also active in the dance and theater community at Yale and is very grateful to have been a part of this project! IG: @soph.devito

Tadea Martin-Gonzalez: Tadea is a first year in JE looking to double major in American Studies and Math. IG: @tadea_mg

Veronica Chen: Veronica is a senior in Pierson double majoring in art and mechanical engineering.

Yassi Xiong: Yassi is a Pierson junior majoring in Math and History.

Yasheen Gao: Yasheen (MY ‘21) is a senior majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from Atlanta, Georgia. She first grew interested in ballroom from watching Dancing with the Stars, which is one of her guilty pleasures. From learning how to dance to performing in shows and going to socials, she has made some of her favorite memories in college thus far with Yale Ballroom. She has also served as a co-captain and advanced dancer seminar director for the team.

Zafirat Ndancky: My name is Zafirat Ndancky and I am a sophomore in Grace Hopper College studying Psychology on the Neuroscience track. I am a pre-med student looking to become a Psychiatrist post-med school. On my free time I love to dance and hang out with my friends. IG: @feerahdegaulle

Zara Baden-Eversman